Offices are profit centres!

Our vision is to design professional office worlds. For us, office space is not just a place where people work together – Companies and organisations are run and managed here. We consider offices to be the place where future is shaped.


Innovation is the key factor for long-term success. Modern office equipment supports people to communicate optimally with each other. Not only internal and external work processes are promoted this way but also the whole flow of thoughts of the people. Modern designed offices are the basis for inspiration.

HASPA opens Branch of the Future in Niendorf!

In an interview: Darko Mavrak, Branch Manager The Hamburg savings bank (Hamburger Sparkasse, short Haspa) opened its first “Branch of the Future” in Moorflagen 1, Niendorf, on 30th June 2017. The ...


PALMBERG extends management

With effect from 1 January 2017, the management of PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen und Service GmbH is extending from two to four members and thus initiating a change in generation. In addition to the two partners, Uwe ...


TERIO PLUS – Our basis for your ideal room acoustics

A perfect working environment should be free from disturbing factors, for concentration and communication are essential elements of successful office work. To connect these two aspects, we have developed the series TERIO PLUS for you. TERIO PLUS is a high-quality partition wall system for visual and acoustic shielding of working areas. In high-ceilinged rooms, however, partition walls are often not sufficient to optimise acoustics. Therefore, TERIO PLUS includes everything you need from the simple desktop partition to wall absorbers right through to ceiling absorbers.


Reception – The business card of your company

Your reception area serves as a starting point for customers, employees and visitors and represents the company’s philosophy. A reception counter is the first thing that will be seen and touched. This piece of furniture is thus an important business card of your company. The visual appearance of your reception should therefore suit you, for arrival is also a matter of atmosphere. But at the same time it is also a workplace with ergonomic requirements. Offer your business partners and customers a reception that makes your company look good in all respects with the product lines CASUS and ENTREE from PALMBERG.


die neue Form der Ordnung - BRIC

BRIC – The young new order in the office

Everyone has a personality with special preferences and desires. This is also true for the order in the office. While in the 20th century folders, hanging files, stamps and punches were stowed away for daily work, modern storage space in the workplace is increasingly becoming more individual and highly sophisticated. Of course many different office utensils are still needed. Nevertheless, it can be stated that, via digitalisation, many archiving aids such as folders or hanging files are no longer used directly at the workplace. Their place is taken now by things that are firmly linked to the new working generation. It was therefore logical for PALMBERG to develop a new form of order – with the BRIC system.


Conference - One basis, a lot of possibilities

With Conference, it is now possible to plan different table looks on one technical basis. The connectivity of the different T-foot variants was unified. So the creative freedom is almost limitless, for, in combination with our variety of decors, every meeting room can be equipped perfectly.


Everything around the modern office

PALMBERG stands for office furniture with unique design, first-class quality and diverse functions. In addition, we focus on sustainability of our products. We achieve this by demanding quality standards and environmentally aware production. Our products are ISO-certified and produced according to the high requirements of quality management, environmental management and energy management. We additionally guarantee 100% seamless edge processing, which is achieved by the latest laser technology.  


Modern office equipment has nowadays become an integral part of everyday office life. It creates ideal conditions for efficient office work. As a result, workflows proceed smoothly. Our product range includes office furniture such as office desks and office cabinets. In addition to cabinets and desks, communication in the workplace also belongs to our range of services. We therefore design representative rooms for meetings and conferences.

Sustainability is important to us

Sustainable production and sustainable products are an important part of our corporate philosophy. We want to offer our customers office furniture which is durable and produced with a careful use of resources. This allows us to achieve the highest quality.