More Effect – More Design!

TERIO PLUS is a high-quality partition wall system with a wall thickness of 35 mm which is used for the visual and acoustic screening of work spaces. A slim all around aluminium frame provides a fine border for the doublesided system and allows for discreet integration in the overall picture of the workplace. Thanks to the high flexibility and the different formats, the walls can be installed attached to the desks, or positioned freestanding, allowing for connections with additional elements.

With the wall elements from TERIO PLUS, small islands can be created in the ocean of office design. The inserted organisation rail is providing an added value and can be used as a magnet board. The TERIO PLUS system facilitates office work by additional elements of organisation, such as diverse trays and screen holders right through to further shelf space. In this way, easily and flexibly arranged room-in-room solutions ensure a focused working atmosphere both in open-plan offices and at the individual workstation acoustically and visually.

TERIO PLUS cuts a good figure also visually: A large choice of different fabric colours and the fine aluminium border in the standard frame colours provide a wide range of design options.


  • Akustik-Stellwand mit Glas

  • Akustik-Stellwand mit Glas

  • TERIO PLUS Stellwand Stoff, Akustik, Glasstellwand

  • akustisch wirksame Trennwände

  • TERIO PLUS Tischaufsatz Trennwand 2 Organisationsprofile Ablageschale

  • TERIO PLUS Tischaufsatz Trennwand Akustik

  • TERIO PLUS Trennwand Tischaufsatz 2 Organisationsprofile Akustik

  • TERIO PLUS Trennwand Tischaufsatz Stellwand Stoff Glas Akustik

  • TERIO PLUS Tischaufsatz Trennwand Stoff Akustik

  • TERIO PLUS Trennwand Stellwand Stoff Glas Akustik

  • TERIO PLUS Stellwand Stoff Glas Akustik

  • TERIO PLUS Standfuß Stellwand Glas Akustik

  • TERIO PLUS Trennwand Stellwand Verbindungssäule Tellerfuß Akustik