AXA - New Way of Working

The AXA insurance group has been anchored in Hamburg-Hammerbrook with 700 employees since October 2017. On around 10,000 square metres in cooperation with PALMBERG, rooms were created that are intended to be groundbreaking for AXA’s working world of the future. Selected furniture from PALMBERG was used efficiently and flexibly in different settings. For creative meetings at tables of the PENSUM series there are ambiences available such as sand dune, local pub or forest clearing. The ‘all-in-one’ area includes standard workstations where you can make phone calls and work on emails, and in the ‘concentration’ area, anyone who wants to work on their own can do this in peace and quiet there. In addition to the new form of cooperation, the topic of health is also closely linked to the future workspace concept of AXA. The electrically height-adjustable desks of the CREW series used at all workplaces play a decisive role in this respect. 

planning: merTens AG, Willich     

photographar: Andrea Dingeldein, Köln

  • PENSUM conference table

  • AXA lounge

  • CREW desks and PRISMA 2 wardrobe

  • Desk CREW