Acting sustainably at PALMBERG

CREW und PRISMA 2 awarded Product Certificate LEVEL!

A steadily increasing world population and the rapid development from populous nations towards affluent societies allow manufacturing companies to anticipate the challenges they will need to address over the coming years. In times of climate change and increasing use of non-renewable resources man and enterprises will in future be forced to rethink. Because one thing is absolutely clear: The existing resources are not available in unlimited quantities. It is therefore essential to make necessary efforts at an early stage in order to realize a resource-friendly production of consumer durables. Sustainability is thus becoming the central issue of a future-oriented corporate culture.

The topic of sustainability consists of the three sections ecology,   economy and social responsibility, and is in essence meeting the demands of today’s generation without jeopardizing chances and needs of future generations. In relation to production and services this means for PALMBERG and the entire office furniture industry to reach a consensus on economic, ecologic and social criteria. Office furniture is accordingly more sustainable if it will avoid negative effects and reinforce positive ones in terms of productivity, environmental friendliness, social compatibility and health. PALMBERG has understood this trend early and, by means of state-of-the-art production methods and the use of eco-friendly materials, has for decades been aiming to reduce effects on the environment. In order to support the changes of a constantly altering working world, at PALMBERG the theme of sustainability is already taken into consideration during the development phase of its own products. Additionally, suppliers and partners are selected according to numerous criteria particularly including, besides quality, the areas of environmental protection and social responsibility. Along with environmentally-friendly production processes, the PALMBERG products are also characterized by durability. PALMBERG products are in use for several years without deficiencies thanks to high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. The company management regards this as an important contribution to the theme of resource protection.

PALMBERG is thus committed to protecting the environment and providing society with products designed and produced in a responsible way. In compliance with a lot of national and international standards, office furniture and furnishing items have to meet high requirements in terms of safety, function and usability. To allow for responding to an increasing demand for environmentally friendly products and materials from business clients, public procurement bodies and consumers, PALMBERG consequently decided to provide proof of sustainability by an independent third-party certification of its own products. Independent third-party certifications following recognised standards ensure customers that environmental statements on the respective product are based on substantial ecologic benefits. The LEVEL certification for the table system CREW and the storage space model PRISMA 2 clearly shows that PALMBERG has increasingly integrated aspects of sustainability in the overall range of corporate activities and services.


LEVEL – Identifiably sustainable

Sustainable office furniture offers the user added value today which is more and more paying off. By means of the product certificate LEVEL, currently the only certificate that is mapping sustainability of products from the office furniture industry, PALMBERG would like to offer this added value to its potential customers and to depict the high standard of the company’s performance even more transparently. In 2006, a joint committee of employees from the American Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American office furniture association BIFMA worked out a sustainability standard which resulted in the BIFMA e3-2008 Furniture Sustainability Standard. Today, the LEVEL certificate labels products that guarantee compliance with environmental, social and economic standards of the production process throughout the whole supply chain. Evaluation criteria are not only used materials and energy consumption, but also health of man and ecosystem, as well as willingness of the companies to accept social responsibility. The standard includes the four elements materials, energy and atmosphere, health of human and ecosystem, and social responsibility. In Germany, the LEVEL product certificate is awarded by means of a scorecard in three conformance levels silver, gold and platinum according to the standard requirements by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH. The certification by the accreditation body TÜV Rheinland for the BIFMA Level Certificate showed that the table system CREW and the storage space model PRISMA 2 range meet the requirements of the Furniture Sustainability Standard according to conformance level 2 (gold).

In the future, PALMBERG will continue to set the highest standards for its office furniture and feels obliged to work on the consolidation of achievements established so far. The company is prepared to meet the future challenges with an enhanced commitment, particularly in the fields of energy management, ecological balance and social responsibility.

PALMBERG – Thinking future-oriented, acting sustainably!