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I’m looking forward to the office!

Offices are profit centers today. The future is being shaped, the existing presence administered, and the organization managed. This means a variety of different tasks to be accomplished in your rooms. It is therefore of crucial importance for us to provide an inspiring ambience for your working world, customized to the needs of the staff. The users and their requirements always form the center of our own work. 

PALMBERG belongs to the most important companies of the German office furniture industry today and successfully produce high-quality and contemporary officesolutions for the European market! Besides a high-value product portfolio in terms of quality and function, we unite under our roof a professional know-how in the matter of workplace design, creativity, innovative capacity, an environment-aware and modern production, motivated employees, and a wide-ranging package of services. We deliver for you throughout Germany and to the neighboring countries Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. The distribution of the manufactured office furniture exclusively covers a broad network of specialist dealers.

Learn more about us and take advantage of our competence in the matter of office furniture as well as decades of experience of a modern company – so that you enjoy being in the office every day and simply be comfortable.