Conference - a system for lively discussions

The space for good communication can be in many places. Here PALMBERG offers various solutions for the fast, informal exchange in the middle zones of large office units. But also classic conference room furnishings can be realised by our programme. Also where movement and variability are required - in seminar and training rooms, the system conference is the product range for changing room planning.

  • Konferenztisch - Quadratrohr, 4-Fuß-Gestell

  • Konferenztisch - für 10 Personen, Rundrohr, 4-Fuß-Gestell zusammengestellt zum 6-Fuß

  • Konferenztische - elektrischer Besprechungstisch mit Nano-Beschichtung

  • Konferenztisch - bestehend aus 2 Tischplatten, für 10 Personen, Alu-Druckgusskufe

  • Konferenztische - PALMEGA mit 3 Beinen für 10 Personen, große Besprechung

  • Konferenztische - CREW mit 3 Beinen für 10 Personen, große Besprechung

Experience shows that conference furniture in the meeting room must be of high quality, functional and coordinated. If you want to use a meeting room effectively, you need good basic equipment.

Small meetings

It doesn't always have to be the large conference room when it comes to having good conversations in small groups. In a group size of 4-6 people it is easy to hold a conference and you often come to meaningful decisions in a short time. Especially within the department these ways of quick exchange are often used. For this requirement Palmberg offers manifold, perfectly designed small conference tables, always matching the different desk systems.

Konferenztische - oval mit 2 Fußplatten bis 8 Personen, große Besprechung
Konferenztische - Alu-Druckgusskufe mit 4 Beinen für 12 Personen, große Besprechung

Large conference solutions

Sometimes it's important to get everyone around the table. Conferences with eight or more people require table systems for large tasks. The large rooms represent and radiate the respective company values. Paired with the latest conference technology, high-quality design and impressive table size, people can discuss here without restriction. After all, 90% consider personal discussions to be the best way of communication - especially with the beautiful tables of our CONFERENCE series.
*Source: Study on the future of work by Ernst & Young / Switzerland, October 2018/sub>

Meetings in standing position are 34% shorter.*

Can you afford to waste time? It has been proven that meetings while standing are not only shorter, but have the same effectiveness. Let ideas bubble up, for example in the meeting solutions of our CONFERENCE systems. With an ergonomically designed meeting variant, they not only shorten the meeting, but also transform your rooms into modern and lively meeting points. And when do you get up?

* Source: Bluedorn, A. C., Turban, D. B., & Love, M. S. (1999). The effects of stand-up and sit-down meeting formats on meeting outcomes.

Konferenztische - elektrischer Besprechungstisch mit Nano-Beschichtung

Stay in motion - height-adjustable conference tables

Conference marathon? It can be exhausting. Ideas need movement, which is why electromotive conference tables are the ideal solution for meetings. With the electrically height-adjustable conference table you get a stable frame in a clear design. Height adjustment from 720 to 1080 mm is possible as standard using a control element. A maximum size of 3600 x 1200 mm can be achieved by using additional table tops.

Dynamic. Mobile. Space-saving.

In modern working environments, office workers need the ability to be flexible and to adapt configurations quickly and easily to their needs - from short-term teamwork and training situations to conferences and meetings in small groups and back again. Our mobile folding tables, which can be used with castors, adapt flexibly to the changing requirements of your communication. And when they are no longer needed, you can park the tables in a space-saving manner in a designated area.

Source for "44.6 % spend up to half of their working time in meetings": survey by Augsburg University of Applied Sciences; borisgloger consulting, 2018

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