DE Lage Landen

Strong concepts in a strong group!


DLL Düsseldorf 

Together with Athlon Car Lease Germany GmbH & Co. KG, which has formed part of the De Lage Landen Group since 2006, DLL has been operating from the BELMUNDO since mid-2014. The particular challenge of this project was to consolidate two enterprises coming from different locations. Across all departments, including the executive floors, the development of an open office solution was requested that provided optimal use of space for a total of 370 employees. The department-related desk sharing concept where departments have their fixed location but employees don’t have a fixed workstation followed the existing design language of DLL. The fully ergonomic table family CREW in combination with the storage space system PRISMA 2 are providing the staff a modern, sustainable and dynamic office and working environment across all areas.

Architecture: slapa oberholz pszczulny | sop GmbH & Co. KG

Planning: merTens AG

Photographer: Andrea Dingeldein, Köln


DLL Paris

The Thereca Company based in Hasselt, Netherlands, has implemented the equipment of the French subsidiary of De Lage Landen in cooperation with PALMBERG. The renowned company placed highest demands on the new offices in terms of workplace design. But optimal project coordination was as important as high functionality and user-friendliness. The furnishing concept was focused on creating a modern and functional office landscape that resolves the different work situations in an attractive and contemporary ambience.