The first round of dialogue

ENTREE convinces by its curved appearance plus the option of creating corner situations by straight elements. Your reception area serves as a starting point for customers, employees and visitors and so becomes the first business card of your company.

Thanks to different sizes and its high-quality appearance, ENTREE not only represents style and class as a contemporary interior design for the reception area, but is also a versatile workplace.

ENTREE provides plenty of room in little space. The combination of spacious working area and individual reception counter allows for a quick and efficient switch between administration and service. Through clear forms and high-quality surfaces, right from the start in the reception area, you signal your guests that they are warmly welcome.

The receptionist’s side of the counter can be individually extended and rebuilt. The spacious working area and the counter provide all technical functionalities of a workplace: a wide range of organisational aids, a “hidden” electrification wall as well as the integration of different table elements.