Etex - Feelgood in Belgium

A completely new interior design concept from FORUM OFFICE was implemented at the two locations of the world market leader for roofing materials in Kapelle-op-den-Bos and Zaventem. The challenge in the ETEX project was to align five different departments so closely that each could retain its identity. With the new work and meeting system, great importance was attached to the comfort of the employees. This was discussed in detail in advance and tested in working groups. The goal was to create spaces in which everyone felt comfortable. The team of Forum Office has perfectly fulfilled all these wishes within an ETEX Look & Feel with products from PALMBERG.

The launch of Eternit in 1905 in Haren was the basis for an international success story. The company is the global player for roofing materials. Today, the ETEX Group has 102 sales offices in 42 countries. Worldwide, 14,500 employees work on the success of the company.

ETEX is headquartered in Belgium. In addition to three factories, some of the most important research and development centres and ETEX Services are also located here. A total of around 1,300 ETEX colleagues work at the Belgian sites in Brussels, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Tisselt, Sint-Niklaas and Kortrijk.

Fully customisable workstations, equipped with electromotive CREW desks and benches, complemented by PRISMA2 cabinets and sideboards and rounded off by conference and communication areas of different sizes now create a transparent feel-good working environment.

"It is the personal support per department that has led this project to success. We have created modern workplaces where everyone feels at home," says Nancy Spiessens about this very exciting assignment.

Design, planning and delivery: 

Forum Office · Jelle de Rijck · Nancy Spiessens

Fotos: Sarah Blee