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European LEVEL

LEVEL: More than just a new sustainability standard

There are a large number of different eco-labels for office and contract furniture. Often several labels have almost identical contents. Most certifications only cover a limited part of the relevant sustainability criteria. As a result, even experts find it difficult to judge which combination of individual labels would make sense. This is why the FEMB sustainability standard and the European LEVEL certificate based on this standard were created. They give product developers, manufacturers and furniture buyers a truly comprehensive overview of all relevant sustainability aspects for the first time.

LEVEL is the first European certificate that combines all relevant aspects of sustainability. LEVEL certification involves not only the product to be certified, but also the production site and the company itself. The requirements in the four areas of material, energy and atmosphere, human and ecosystem health and social responsibility are assessed, in which certain minimum requirements (prerequisites) must be met. Only then can additional points be earned for certification. For this, manufacturers must precisely measure inputs and outputs of their manufacturing processes, use suitable materials, document the product design and demonstrate how they meet their social responsibility.

In order to obtain LEVEL certification, a test institute accredited for ISO 17065 certification must be commissioned. It checks and evaluates compliance with all requirements of the FEMB sustainability standard and, after successful completion of the testing process, issues LEVEL certification in one of the three certification levels. Products can be awarded LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 or LEVEL 3. Classification is based on the number of points achieved in each case. The highest achievable rank is LEVEL 3.

Sustainable furnishing with PALMBERG

As one of very few office furniture manufacturers PALMBERG has received the sustainability certificate LEVEL 3, i.e. the highest certification level, from TÜV Rheinland for all relevant product lines, including all desk and cabinet systems in its programme. Because thinking sustainably and acting economically are no contradiction for PALMBERG.


"The 'European LEVEL' is an important orientation aid for developers, architects, specialist dealers, room planners and buyers of office furniture who want to obtain comprehensive information about the criteria for sustainable action. With the receipt of the LEVEL seal it is permanently ensured that PALMBERG products fulfil the highest sustainability criteria in Europe.
Julianne Utz-Preußing (managing partner)
  • All PALMBERG desk systems like the illustrated CREW table were continuously awarded with the highest certification level "Level 3".

  • The PALMBERG cabinet systems PRISMA 2, COMPONA and SELECT were consistently awarded the highest certification level "Level 3".

  • The product line KIT as well as all other meeting solutions from PALMBERG were consistently awarded the highest certification level "Level 3".

  • ProEXR File Description

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    The PALMBERG office organisation solution ORGA PLUS was awarded with the highest certification level "Level 3".

  • The PALMBERG reception counters ENTREE and CASUS were consistently awarded the highest certification level "Level 3".

  • All PALMBERG desk systems like the SYSTO TEC table shown here have been awarded the highest certification level "Level 3" throughout.

  • The PALMBERG acoustic systems from the TERIO PLUS series have been awarded the highest certification level "Level 2" throughout.


  • LEVEL is the only accredited standard for the Green Economy.
  • LEVEL is the most comprehensive sustainability standard for furniture.
  • Contents of other labels are covered by LEVEL.
  • Accredited systems on a legal basis are recognized.
  • Benchmarks and limit values of other labels have been integrated.
  • LEVEL meets the market requirements of the Circular Economy.
  • LEVEL enjoys high credibility and international recognition.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions + answers about the EUROPEAN LEVEL certificate