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Clear the way for the fire brigade!

In an emergency, it's often a matter of seconds. The time factor is therefore decisive for a successful rescue operation and requires a special building. The new fire station for the southwest Limburg region in Hasselt is a project that required a total of 15 years of planning time. "Many different requirements of the project partners such as the emergency centre, the fire brigade and the administration of justice now make this building the ideal central location for security in Limburg," says Bert Swijsen, who is responsible for the region.

In concrete terms, all operational services are located on the ground floor in order to be able to move out as quickly as possible. Here are also the workshops of maintenance for the fire engines. On the first floor there are briefing and training rooms. On the second floor there are sports facilities and the sleeping and recreation rooms of the permanent fire brigade. On the upper floors is the control centre for the emergency call and here the administrative services of the different departments are accommodated.

The building was designed by DBV architects. "The starting point of the draft is the operational "flow", the course of the activities", according to the planners of the control centre. This special building serves very special needs. In order to be quickly ready for action, there is of course a central fireman's pole for the fire brigade. In the building there is a permanent readiness of 15 firefighters and rescue teams. Every day, around the clock, the specialists perform their service with great team spirit. Therefore the rooms have to be practicable on one hand and on the other hand they are also living and feel-good space. 

These requirements were also important for the design of the interior and were implemented by Thomas Kuyks of Procos. The PALMBERG CREW H-Benches and the CREW desks, as a uniform product family, were perfect for this. In the conference, meeting and multi-purpose rooms, modern PALMBERG furniture was used also, accentuated by TERIO PLUS orange and red shades for a homely ambience. This is how a functional house with emotional quality was created in Hasselt - for the safety of an entire Region.

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Architecture: DBV Architect
Design: Procos, Thomas Kuyks and Rita Bielen
Photographer: Artimodus, Raf Beckers