A stylized stack of paper for the social sciences

The new Faculty of Social Sciences of Ghent University is an open place, not only for the campus, but also for the public and the inhabitants of Ghent. Striking horizontal slats surround the transparent building and open the entrance in gentle arches on the north-west side. At the start of the project it quickly became clear that the daring design by the architects Sadar + Vuga (Slovenia) would only be perfect if the interior design was equally progressive. Forum Office together with its partner PALMBERG could guarantee this.


The cooperation between Forum Office and the university run smoothly, as both parties attached importance to advanced user-friendliness on the one hand and innovation in product selection on the other. Mobile, modular folding tables in various heights were chosen for the students' rooms. In this way, students and lecturers can flexibly design new locations for their projects. All tables were equipped with holders for the chairs, so that after the seminars the floor maintenance is easier.

  • Crew-elektro-handschalter-superweiß

  • crew-schreibtisch-terioplus-wand-prisma2

  • konferenz-crew-kufe-superweiß

  • hochschule-gent-treppenhaus-atrium

State-of-the-art IT technologies in buildings ensure that people are no longer tied to a fixed location or device. Crank tables from the CREW series are used in the Open Office, so that every user can set his or her personal ergonomic table height. In addition, some of the workstations were equipped with electromotive sitting/standing tables, also from the CREW series. As a spot of colour, you will find yellow softseatings everywhere in the building, ideal for quiet individual work, but which can also be quickly assembled into larger settings for group work. Especially for this project Forum Office and PALMBERG have developed a new locker equipped with electronic locks. The boxes are simply opened with the personal chip card.

  • crew-elektromotorisch-orgaplus-beistelltisch

  • Crew, Kurbelbench, Superweiss, grau

  • grossraum, prisma2, akustische rückwände

  • gebäude-hochschule-gent-sardarundvuga

The rooms are open but not loud

Sadar + Vuga have deliberately avoided corridors in their design. Open light-flooded levels determine the appearance of this building. Thanks to the use of sound-absorbing ceilings and carpets and, last but not least, TERIO PLUS table top screens and acoustically effective PRISMA 2 series rear panels, concentrated study is still possible at the HoGent without any problems. The university is occupied since September 2019. The employees and students now work dynamically and efficiently and are equally enthusiastic about the building and its interior.


Fotos: Sarah Blee