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Your schedule determines our actions!

The goods of our customers are so valuable for us that we do not hand them on to others. In order to deliver our furniture to the recipient safely and on schedule, we transport them Europe-wide with our own fleet of vehicles.

Efficient logistics starts for us with pinpoint planning.

Flexible production processes allow for quick reactions to urgent customer orders. Our transport logistics is therefore aiming at a seamless coordination with the workflow of our clients. Our own vehicle fleet makes an important contribution to our short-term order processing and precise adherence to deadlines.

The use of a telematics system allows PALMBERG to document the timing of a delivery accurately at all times.

In this way, it is possible to provide data which are internally used for optimization of the delivery service and which at the same time allow for greater integration of the customer in the delivery process. It is, for example, conceivable that customers are provided with information on the status of their delivery in order to create even more external transparency. Also in the case of order modifications we are now able to react better and what’s more, faster. If, for instance, a customer changes his delivery address at short notice, our dispatch department will send an email with the new address to the on-board computer of the vehicle concerned. The new route is calculated immediately, and the goods will be delivered at the new address on schedule. 

In other words, from the time of departure in Schönberg up to the time of arrival at the customer, the current position as well as time and length of the trip can be recorded for the respective delivery. 

100% On-Time delivery is our goal

We can meet our supply contracts with our modern, well-equipped vehicle fleet flexibly and punctually.

In order to deliver our goods to the recipient safely and on schedule, we have a modern fleet of vehicles. Regular maintenance and care in our in-house garage are prerequisites for technically and optically perfect vehicles.