Schwerin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Germany

New location with symbolic power!

The furnishing concept of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Schwerin, oriented towards functionality, ergonomics and sustainability, focuses as bearing elements on the workplace system PENSUM and the cabinet program PRISMA 2. But neither emotionality nor atmosphere is missing on 1,300 m2 of office area and 830 m2 for events. A decent, subtle coloring concept in combination with the decor finishes Tuscan walnut and super white constitute a creative working atmosphere. 

Architecture:      Bothe Richter Teherani, Hamburg
Planning:            Vorberg Objekteinrichtung, Schwerin
Photographer:   PALMBERG, IHK Schwerin

  • IHK Schwerin - PENSUM placed on SELECT and SELECT cabinet

    Head office with PENSUM and SELECT in Natural walnut veneer

  • IHK Schwerin - PENSUM table and PRISMA 2 shelf

    PRISMA 2 filing cabinets and PENSUM table

  • PENSUM Bench (conference)

    Conference room with PENSUM Bench and SELECT cabinets

  • IHK Schwerin - PENSUM double workplace with PRISMA 2

    Double workstation with conference approach PENSUM, PRISMA 2 and ORGA·PLUS

  • IHK Schwerin - custom production counter

    Custom production bar

  • IHK Schwerin - custom production kitchen

    Custom production kitchen