Online-Support with PALMBERG

Fast and competent CAD and OFML Consulting at a mouse click

We do not only try to improve our product development day by day. Also in the field of services stagnation means a step backwards for us. Take advantage of our know-how not only in the matter of workplace design but also use our CAD- and OFML consulting with immediate effect. In order to facilitate your daily work, we have further optimized our CAD- and OFML service through the "Netviewer Support" software.

Help via remote control on our internet platform

With "Netviewer Support" we are on your screen immediately. We sort of sit next to you and look over your shoulder. With "Netviewer Support" two dialogue partners    can watch each other’s desktop, grant each other’s remote access rights so that they can work together interactively. There isn’t any installation necessary on either side. For a session setup you only need internet access and the directly executable Netviewer software which is free of charge and installation.

With Netviewer, in other words, we directly watch your screen and are able to understand the problem immediately – in real time and without misunderstandings. Especially small and hidden mistakes often require a lot of queries and descriptions. The shared desktop enables our consultants to professionally pilot you to the problem or become active themselves via remote control. The Netviewer support ranges from user errors, filling in forms, right through to new installation of certain programs, updates or patches.

Keep full control

When other users have access to your screen, security should be of utmost importance. With "Netviewer Support" all session participants have full control of their own computer. You decide who is allowed to watch and what to see. A change of the direction of view and the remote access is not executed until confirmation. Only those applications are visible that you have explicitly released. And if you want it, you can finish the session at a single click.

Efficient CAD and OFML Consulting starts for us at a single click. For questions around the "Netviewer" please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anja Steinhauer
Phone +49 38828 38-187

Netviewer support