Historic architecture meets modern office ambience!

Sonnenstein Castle equipped with furniture from PALMBERG

Modern office design no longer stops at the walls of historic castles. The equipment of the district administration office in Pirna is giving evidence. In idyllic location, embedded between the River Elbe and the surrounding mountains, citizens will receive all services from a single source at the new Pirna Administrative Center from December on. Long distances as between the previous locations of the district administration will belong to the past.

It was a historic moment when in April 2010 the reconstruction of Sonnenstein Castle, an important landmark high above the old town of Pirna, started its genesis as a modern administrative center. From whatever direction you approach Pirna, first there is always a view of the former fortress situated like a crown above the old town. Since the rebuilding the significant contrast between old and new, historic and modern has been highlighting the special ambience of the new district office. The modern communicative administrative center has to meet the high architectural standards of quality and functionality combined with high levels of economic efficiency. Accordingly, the new location ensures high functionality with high energetic standards. The complete construction and equipment planning was at all times focussed on the well-being of employees and citizens with respect to the office furnishings and the use of the already existing Sonnenstein district heating network. After completion, the new administration building will contain nearly 500 office workplaces where administration, consulting and information will be provided. The office rooms are situated in the ‘Elb’ wing and the ‘Stadt’ wing of the castle. The heavily frequented departments like Social affairs, Youth and Health matters as well as Car admission and Driving licensing are in the ‘Stadt’ wing. The areas District Administrator, Inner administration, Archive, Information technology and Civil protection are situated in the ‘Elb’ wing. There is also the district council’s meeting hall which can be used for public events, too. In close cooperation with the office specialist büro…ZIMMERMANN from  Dippoldiswalde, PALMBERG developed an office concept that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the employees and the architectural conditions. High-quality materials, a clear language of forms and modern, ergonomically modulated furniture create a working environment of quality. The contact with citizens plays a decisive role in the new Pirna Administration Center, therefore the furnishing concept focused on creative solutions for consulting services. The predominant themes were communication and transparency. This way, it was possible to create a successful combination of historic architecture and modern office ambience.

  • Landratsamt Pirna - double workplace SYSTO·TEC and PRISMA 2

  • Landratsamt Pirna - plan office SYSTO·TEC with TERIO and PRISMA 2

  • Landratsamt Pirna - plan office with SINAC, SYSTO·TEC, TERIO and PRISMA 2

  • Landratsamt Pirna - PENSUM workplace with SELECT

  • Landratsamt Pirna - PALMEGA conference

  • Landratsamt Pirna - PENSUM workplace and SELECT

  • Landratsamt Pirna - workplace PENSUM and SELECT and PRISMA 2

  • Landratsamt Pirna - Building

The offices have been equipped with a total of 700 work tables of the series CALDO, PALMEGA, PENSUM, SINAC und SYSTO·TEC. In the field of storage space, products of the series PRISMA 2, ORGA·PLUS and SELECT have been intregrated in the working worlds of the new District Administration Center. A mix of more than 3.400 cabinets and office containers is creating an apparent order and is using the available space to an optimum degree. Also the conference rooms are equipped in an excellent way. Here, PALMBERG does not only provide state-of-the-art technology, but also visually the necessary peace and quiet for concentrated debates.

Despite the restored interior design, the new administrative location of the Pirna District Administration Center continues to refer to the historic dimension of the castle, and at the same time spans a bridge towards future working worlds by the sophisticated spatial concept of PALMBERG. Not only the employees, but also the citizens confirm that this is the case.