Passion for technology!

PALMBERG designs working worlds of Heinrich Georg GmbH!

Anyone who creates something new to improve the present must believe in the future. Following this maxim, Heinrich Georg GmbH from Kreuztal has become one of the leading providers in the field of finishing lines and special machine tools worldwide. Round the globe, the advanced technologies of the enterprise provide the decisive advantage for Georg’s customers on national and international markets. What drives Georg, is looking ahead with their customers, partners and employees to develop solutions that will last – not only today, but also tomorrow. Besides the development of contemporary and advanced technologies, the corporate success is primarily based on an efficient company structure paired with dedication, competence and creativity of the staff.

The company sets high standards also for their own working environment. In order to offer the employees optimal working conditions, high priority was given to the topics of teamwork, communication and ergonomics for the interior design of the office storeys at the headquarters in Kreuztal. In cooperation with the authorized partner HEES from Siegen, a furnishing concept was generated which is creating a continuous quality by consistent repeating of certain elements, materials and colours. Attention was paid to an intelligent use of area and room arrangement as well as to requirements in terms of flexibility and functionality. The new, adaptable and flexible office layout of the premises in Kreuztal is from now on reflecting the identity of the innovative company.

  • Referenz Heinrich Georg KIT freistehend Brücke

  • Referenz Heinrich Georg Grossraumbüro CREW Schreibtisch PRISMA 2 Aktenschrank TERIO Trennwand Akustik

  • Referenz Heinrich Georg CREW Schreibtiasch Einzelarbeitsplatz PRISMA 2 Aktenschrank ORGA PLUS Container

  • Referenz Heinrich Georg CREW Schreibtisch ORGA PLUS Container

  • Referenz Heinrich Georg CREW Schreibtisch PRISMA 2 Aktenschrank

  • Referenz Heinrich Georg PRISMA 2 Aktenschrank CREW Schreibtisch Großraumbüro

  • Referenz Heinrich Georg SYSTO TEC Konferenz

Whether being individual or team office, conference or top management - The selected product solutions from PALMBERG are meeting the high standards of the project in every spatial respect.

The integration of the workplace systems CREW and PALMA, the communication furniture KIT and the storage furniture from the series PRISMA 2 provide for workplace solutions which will allow Georg’s customers to be technically superior also in the future.