HEES Bürowelt - Absolutely convincing!

PALMBERG creates new working world in Siegen!

Five services under one roof
HEES BÜROWELT is the office- and system house that has made a name for itself in the triangle of the Federal States Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Hessen. For more than 100 years, the family-run business HEES Bürowelt in Siegen has been active in the market and has been developing from a trading firm to a modern service provider. Today, the company combines and pools all products and services concerning office matters beneath the same roof: the business segments of office supply, office technology and furnishing, up to an IT-house and an internet agency.

Because the old location had only been rented and become too small in the long run, the owners decided to erect a new business building. At the end of 2011, after a construction period of less than one year, 400 employees moved into the clear-cut new building consisting of the two areas office tract and workshop/warehouse in Leimbachstraße, Siegen. The construction particularly focused on an energy-efficient operation of the building which has been designed according to ecologic and economic criteria so that the energy consumption amounts to 20 percent below the value, calculated by the German Energy Saving Ordinance EneV 2009.

The exterior facade’s appearance of the office furniture exhibition is characterized by the materials glass, aluminium and exposed concrete. A curving ramp, designed in exposed concrete, is leading the visitors to the upper exhibition level. By its bent aluminium/glass front facade and a metal cassette facade at the back, the exhibition and administration building clearly contrasts with the warehouse/workshop area. The total area of the new building amounts to 4,200 m², thereof 750 m² warehouse, 750 m² technical area, 800 m² exhibition und 1.900 m² office space.

  • Hees Bürowelt - office with CALDO C conference table

  • Hees Bürowelt - offices with glass walls

  • Hees Bürowelt - KIT detached meeting point

  • Hees Bürowelt - plan office with meeting point, workplaces and glass walls

  • Hees Bürowelt - workplace SYSTO·TEC with PRISMA 2 and planting box

  • Hees Bürowelt - Entrance CASUS

  • Hees Bürowelt - architecture

  • Hees Bürowelt - PALMA conference

  • Hees Bürowelt - worplace with TERIO

PALMBERG developed holistic spatial concepts
After a joint analysis of the needs with the HEES company management, a tailor-made, but nevertheless innovative office landscape came into being. The main focus was optimizing the use of area as well as providing enough space for communication and teamwork. The move into the new building implicated a continuously high-quality working environment for the HEES staff: high-grade materials, a clear language of form and modern, ergonomically matching furniture.

In fact, 115 workplaces have been equipped with tables of the series CALDO SWING and PALMA For storage space solutions, products of the PRISMA 2 series have been integrated into the Hees office world. Also the conference rooms are optimally equipped.

Here, with tables of the series PALMA, PALMBERG does not only provide the opportunity of integrating cutting-edge conference technology without any problem, but also visually the necessary peace and quiet for concentrated conferences. Furthermore, the waiting and communication areas have been equipped with KIT, a modern piece of communication furniture.

In the new business premises in 266 Leimbachstraße, HEES Bürowelt meets the high demands of the customers with services and products of the highest quality. It is quite clear that PALMBERG cannot be overlooked here!