The quality of our office furniture has already convinced many renowned customers!

Architecture is omnipresent. Buildings serve as a catalyst for change – both outside and inside. Whether classic modernism, Bauhaus purism, international style or chic urban influences, architecture is reflecting various influences and taking up requests as well as longings and desires. The quality of the living and working environment should therefore be a major concern of society.

We, the PALMBERG people, have made it our business to fill the constructed workspace and its architecture with life. Space is more for us than just four walls for working. We analyze and interpret our customers’ needs and expectations carefully in order to reach best results in a joint, creative process. This way we are forming an office architecture which has a positive impact on wellbeing, which combines various diverse functions and whose relevant single parts are in constant interrelationship.

KRONE Technology Centre

Giving room for ideas! For the new building of the Krone Technology Centre the development of an open-office-solution was requested that would provide optimal utilisation of space for 500...
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Saarland University, Germany

From the lecture hall into the working world! As a symbol of knowledge universities radiate a special sort of character. They are centres of knowledge and need a design of clean linearity reducing...
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District Office Pirna, Germany

Historical architecture meets modern office ambience! The furnishing concept was focused on establishing an ideal environment for advisory services. In Pirna we succeeded in creating an interesting...
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Schwerin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Germany

New location with symbolic power! The furnishing concept of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Schwerin, oriented towards functionality, ergonomics and sustainability, focuses as bearing...
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Coca-Cola Berlin, Germany

PALMBERG designs German headquarters in the capital! A strong trademark like Coca-Cola does not only wish to present individual and brand-based solutions facing outside, but also wants them to be...
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Hees Bürowelt Siegen, Germany

Holistic office spacing really convincing! PALMBERG focused the development of a holistic spatial concept both on optimum utilization of space and sufficient room for communication and teamwork. 800...
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BKK Deutsche Bank AG Düsseldorf, Germany

Modern, transparent and communicative! The planned office concept for BKK takes the complex work requirements of the different divisions into account and also offers the opportunity of open...
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