More safety through organized cable management!

You have power with PALMBERG!

Modern electrification and cross-linking is placing high demands on a piece of furniture today. New information and communication technologies have completely transformed the office landscapes over recent years. Even though wireless systems, like e.g. Wireless-LAN have developed rapidly, a lot of cables are often still in use.

An appropriate cable management corresponding with ergonomic office furniture is leading to a workplace where all requirements in terms of function and safety technology are taken into consideration. At PALMBERG, e.g. vertical or horizontal cable ducts or also cable ports meanwhile belong to the "standard accessories" for desks, and thus allow for "invisible" cabling without restricting the possible use of the respective table.

  • Cable passage for easy laying of cables and mounting of add-on elements

  • More comfortable laying of cables for double workplaces by a sliding plate above the cable duct

  • Cable entry made of zinc die-cast

  • POINT – The clever little electrification unit

  • The easily accessible function duct in the tabletop is able to store the complete electrification and network of the workplace.

  • The E-Box creates optimal conditions for the data-, media- and energy management.

  • CONI-Box for free access to power and data supply

  • Desk-Box

  • Cable dump for routing the cable below the table