We design your working climate!

When you set up an environmentally friendly office, an important decision is being made by the selection of the furniture. PALMBERG has therefore already been analyzing the effects of its company processes on the environment since 1995 and is constantly looking for ways to reduce them as far as possible. Sustainable thinking and acting has thus become an integral part of PALMBERG’s own corporate philosophy and is practically applied in every division of the company. Every PALMBERG employee is sensitized to dealing with natural resources, and the corporate management affirms its commitment to consistent environmental protection through the use of innovative production methods. The durability of our products is the best guarantee of an economical use of resources and is making PALMBERG an ‘eco-angel’ in the matter of workplace design.

Sustainable office furniture offers the user added value today which is more and more paying off. By means of the product certificate LEVEL, currently the only certificate that is mapping sustainability of products from the office furniture industry, PALMBERG would like to offer this added value to its prospective customers and to depict the high standard of the company’s performance even more transparently. The LEVEL Certificate at present labels products that guarantee compliance with environmental, social and economic standards of the production process throughout the whole supply chain. Evaluation criteria are not only used materials and energy consumption, but also health of man and ecosystem, as well as willingness of the companies to accept social responsibility. All PALMBERG products are additionally subject to the strict requirements of Quality Management ISO 9001 in combination with Environmental Management ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Management BS OHSAS 18001. Furthermore, all products offered are certified with the GS sign and the Blue Angel eco-label RAL UZ 38.

In the future, PALMBERG will continue to set the highest standards for its office furniture and feels obliged to work on the consolidation of achievements established so far. The company is prepared to meet the future challenges with an enhanced commitment, particularly in the fields of energy management, life cycle assessment and social responsibility.