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PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen + Service


Traditional and value-oriented

Founded in 1991 by Uwe Blaumann und Torsten Utz, PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen + Service GmbH is now being continued by the second generation, the daughters, Nicole Eggert, née Blaumann, and Julianne Utz-Preußing. So doing, the enterprise is living up to its claim of carrying forward the values of the founders. The company is certified according to the requirements of quality management ISO 9001, environmental management ISO 14001, EC eco-audit regulation No 1221 (EMAS III) as well as occupational health and safety management BS OHSAS 18001. In addition, all products offered are certified with the GS sign and the Blue Angel eco-label RAL UZ 38, and since 2015 PALMBERG has also implemented an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001. The durability of the PALMBERG products is the best guarantor for an economical use of resources and makes the company an environmental angel in the matter of workplace design.

Securing the future by quality

As one of the leading manufacturers of the German office furniture industry, the company strives for a high and steadily improving quality in all its activities - both internally and externally towards its customers. PALMBERG offers first-class quality for the daily work of its clients not only in the product but also in the service sector. Since the foundation of the company the principle has been applied that quality products can only be realised with qualified employees and latest machinery. PALMBERG therefore has one of the most modern office furniture factories in Europe. By flexible and highly automated machinery combined with innovative laser technology in the field of edge processing, PALMBERG manufactures office furniture of the highest quality. Thanks to recurring technical optimisation of its production, PALMBERG perfectly puts small and large office landscapes in the limelight, thus enabling tailor-made cutting for every room situation.

Sustainability – For a healthy and safe working climate

Our employees are our most important asset. We are therefore ambitious to ensure the highest possible level of safety in all work processes at our locations. On the basis of current risk analyses, we take measures for protecting our own staff as well as external employees who provide services in our works. Since safety thinking of every single employee is very important for the overall security, we want to motivate employees to act and think with confidence by means of an open information policy, recurrent training and instruction. The topic of occupational safety is a daily companion in our work and should be anchored in the consciousness of each individual. Sustainability is more and more becoming a central point of a future-oriented corporate culture. Alongside the commitment to produce high-quality office furniture, occupational safety and health as well as general and internal environmental protection and social commitment to the region are equally important goals of our company policy.

Since 1995, PALMBERG has therefore focused on a sustainable manufacture of its products and firmly anchored in its corporate philosophy. Since then, the company’s goal is to continuously reduce its impact on the environment with the help of state-of-the-art production methods and the use of environmentally friendly materials, taking social standards into account. For the company, ecological thinking and action has become an integral part of its own corporate philosophy and finds its practical application in every division of the company.  Today, sustainable development requires more than just considering ecological aspects. It is rather aimed at a consideration of economic, ecological and social aspects as a whole. However, this goal can only be achieved if everyone knows this goal. For this reason, every employee at PALMBERG is responsible for the awareness of how to deal with natural resources. The company management additionally affirms its commitment to consistent environmental protection by using innovative production methods. With the product certificate LEVEL, which depicts the sustainability of products from the office furniture industry, PALMBERG wants to provide added value to its potential customers and presents its own business performance in an even more transparent manner. The LEVEL certificate identifies products that are manufactured in compliance with ecological, social and economic standards throughout the complete supply chain. Evaluated are not only materials and energy consumption, but also the health of humans and the ecosystem as well as the willingness of the companies to assume social responsibility. 

Compliance – by conviction

Also in the future we want to maintain and expand our position as one of the leading manufacturers of the German office furniture industry in the fields of quality, service and innovation. This will continue to be possible only through a grown and confidential relationship between company management, employees, suppliers, customers and an intact environment. As part of our social responsibility we therefore decided to introduce a code of conduct in order to avoid ethical or legal misconduct. It defines principles and behaviours to which we adhere. In addition, we call on customers, suppliers and other interested parties to do the same. We commit ourselves to working together with our business partners to establish sustainable standards. Customers, suppliers and service providers are integrated into our management system, and contract partners are held responsible under contractual arrangements. When awarding contracts, service providers and suppliers with existing management systems are given preference. In the future PALMBERG will continue to set the highest standards for its office furniture and consider it mandatory to work on the consolidation of the work and services carried out so far. For this purpose, the company will increase its commitment to face the challenges of the future, especially in the fields of life cycle assessment and social responsibility.

Social commitment

As a manufacturer of office furniture, PALMBERG has been an important employer in the region for decades. Since the founding, the company has realised the importance of an intact social environment for its entrepreneurial activities and therefore tries to promote this environment. Socially responsible action is a top priority for the company management. With its employees, customers and suppliers, the company strives for long-term, honest, appreciative and binding partnerships. In addition, we also see a moral obligation to provide social commitment to disadvantaged people. Continuously embedded in its own production process, PALMBERG has for more than 20 years been enabling people with disabilities to participate in working life. By this commitment, a large number of disabled people work together in partnership with our company in various areas. At the same time, PALMBERG is firmly bound up with the region and the city of Schönberg, where the company was founded and where the managing directors Uwe Blaumann und Nicole Eggert live. Over and over, the company proudly supports clubs in the fields of culture and popular sports as well as social institutions in financial and material matters. It is particularly important to the company management to offer children and young people and all other sporty and cultural enthusiasts attractive free time activities that equally reflect the corporate values such as fairness, trust and reliability.

Date: 13.02.2023

Company policy