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Company policy

PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen + Service

PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen + Service GmbH develops and produces modern office furniture with a unique design, first-class quality and a wide range of functions. Our vision is to increase personal well-being and health in the workplace with customizable office furniture, with the aim that our customers will say: "I'm looking forward to the office."

In order to meet customer and market requirements, Palmberg has developed the management systems:
• Quality (ISO 9001) • Environment (ISO 14001)
• Energy (ISO 50001)
• Occupational safety (ISO 45001) are combined in a central, comprehensive integrated management system (IMS).


As one of the leading manufacturers in the German office furniture industry, the company strives for high and constantly improving quality in all areas of its work - both internally and externally towards its customers. PALMBERG thus offers first-class quality for its customers' daily work, not only in terms of products but also in terms of service. It goes without saying that quality goes hand in hand with safety, which is why all our products are certified with the GS mark (tested safety). Our demand for quality is also expressed in the fact that we keep the greatest possible distance from production parts manufactured in the Far East. And we have had this claim sealed with the 'Furniture Made in Germany' certification. The label is linked to strict conditions and examines the extent to which construction, assembly and quality testing take place in Germany. In addition, the manufacturing process relevant to quality must take place predominantly in Germany with suppliers and partners mainly based there. We can proudly say that our products are manufactured exclusively at the Schönberg and Rehna sites in MecklenburgVorpommern. Compliance with the requirements is monitored by the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) on behalf of the VDM.

Environment and energy

PALMBERG has been focusing on the sustainable manufacture of its products since 1995 and has firmly anchored this in its own corporate mission statement. By implementing the energy management system, we are committed to continuously saving energy and increasing energy efficiency within the company. In procurement, we support the selection of energy-efficient products and services. By using wood waste to generate heat, we reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and raw materials. From the very beginning, the company has pursued the goal of continuously reducing its impact on the environment with the help of state-of-the-art production methods and the use of environmentally friendly materials while taking social standards into account. The LEVEL certification according to the standard of the umbrella organization of the European office furniture industry (FEMB) confirms that all PALMBERG products comply with ecological, social and economic standards throughout the entire product life cycle.

Occupational health and safety

Our employees are our most important asset. We therefore strive to ensure the highest possible level of safety in all work processes at our sites. Based on current risk analyses, we take technical and organizational measures to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses among our own employees and for external employees who provide services at our plants. As the safety awareness of each individual employee is of great importance for overall safety, we encourage our employees to act and think safely through an open information policy, regular training and instruction.

Compliance - out of conviction

As part of our social responsibility, we have decided to introduce a code of conduct to prevent ethical or legal misconduct. This defines the principles and behavior to which we adhere. In addition, we appeal to customers, suppliers and other interested parties to follow our example. We are committed to working together with our business partners to establish sustainable standards. Customers, suppliers and service providers are integrated into our management system and contractual partners are encouraged to act responsibly as part of contractual agreements. When awarding contracts, preference is given to service providers and suppliers with existing management systems.

Social commitment

PALMBERG has been an important employer in the region for decades. Since its foundation, the company has recognized the importance of an intact social environment for its entrepreneurial activities and is therefore committed to promoting this environment. Socially responsible action is a top priority for the company management. The company strives for long-term, honest, respectful and binding partnerships with its own employees, customers and suppliers. However, we also see a moral obligation to show social commitment to disadvantaged people. Continuously embedded in its own production process, PALMBERG has been enabling people with disabilities to participate in working life for 30 years. Through this commitment, people with disabilities work in partnership with our company in various areas. At the same time, PALMBERG also has strong ties to the town of Schönberg, where the company was founded and where company founder Uwe Blaumann and Managing Director Nicole Eggert are based, as well as to the region. The company proudly supports cultural and popular sports clubs as well as social institutions both financially and materially. The latter means that the clubs and institutions receive donations in kind in the form of promotional items for raffles, for example, but also that our furniture with the slightest quality defects is not scrapped, but is put to good use by institutions in need.


PALMBERG is committed to complying with all binding obligations towards our interested parties. These commitments include all relevant legal as well as voluntary obligations. The requirements of the integrated management system are effectively integrated into all our business processes. The performance of the integrated management system with regard to quality, the environment, energy and occupational health and safety is regularly evaluated and continuously improved using specific key figures. The company ensures that sufficient information and resources are available to achieve defined strategic and operational objectives. All employees are called upon and encouraged to fulfill their duties with regard to quality, occupational safety, health, energy and environmental protection with commitment and motivation in their own interests, in the interests of our customers and in the interests of our company and to participate in the management system that has been introduced.

Date: 15.09.2023

Company policy