From spatial narrowness to open communication culture

The Vervangingsfonds & Participatiefonds foundation has recently become a proud tenant in the prominent WILLEMSWERF building in Rotterdam. The old company building did not fit anymore and so it was high time for something new. With the move to the port, the desire arose to introduce more open office work, encouraging collaboration between colleagues in a dynamic and transparent environment. PROFILE PROJECT from Rijswijk was commissioned with the complete conception, realisation and project management of the 1,235 m² area.

Fresh wind in the port of Rotterdam

The interior and the new way of working of the employees now fit together perfectly. Instead of closed rooms, the 40 employees now meet in a large open space or in one of the many consultation or workstation zones. Various concentration areas were also planned so that employees could work undisturbed or have confidential conversations. All desks in the work areas belong to the CREW series. The electric height adjustment of the tables is often used and increases the well-being of the employees.

  • Planung Profile Project

    Open spatial planning from PROFILE PROJECT

  • Besprechungs-Inseln mit ORGA PLUS Tischen

    Many rooms for communication

  • Meetingraum mit CREW Tischen

    Meeting room with CREW tables

  • Besprechungstisch CREW

    CREW meeting table

  • CREW elektromotorische Tische im Arbeitsbereich

    Working zones with electromotive CREW tables

  • Retreat zones for concentrated working

  • Conference room with city views

Sustainability is a must

An important wish of the clients for the new design was the sustainability of all products. Therefore PROFILE PROJECT only worked with certified suppliers. The carpet is made of recycled materials and all work tables of the CREW series from PALMBERG are even LEVEL-certified. More good conscience at work is not possible at all!

Viele Möglichkeiten für gute Kommunikation

Planning and realisation: Profile Project, Rijswijk

Photos: Paul Starink, Amsterdam