Coworking on the flat land

Did you know that the Emsland region has an unemployment rate of only 1%? And did you also know that there is definitely a need for coworking spaces on the flat land? These spaces for creative start-ups and agile, young company founders make sense not only in urban centres like Berlin, Leipzig and Hamburg.

One example is the city of Haren, directly on the Dutch border. The town is particularly well known as the location of many shipping companies. More than 20 have their headquarters in the city with its 23,400 inhabitants. They operate a fleet of over 250 sea and coastal ships. The whole region is economically strong. Many internationally known companies such as BP have their headquarters here. The demand for well-trained specialists is high. But what to do with all the creative people? Well, quite simply; what works well in the big city can also be implemented in rural areas in the same quality with the Coworking Space Haren.

  • CREW sitting/standing tables, loose, CUCINA and TERIO PLUS absorbers

  • Workstation CREW with movable room divider DISC

  • Locker cabinets

  • ORGA PLUS modular cabinets with multipanels

  • MELOUNGE stool

  • CUCINA kitchen in super white and crema beech

  • Room for creativity

Furniture: CREW sitting/standing tables, ORGA PLUS modul cabinets, PRISMA 2 locker units and sliding door cabinets, KIT bridges, CUCINA kitchen, SELECT sideboards, CREW folding tables, P4 shelves, MELOUNGE stools, TERIO PLUS Disc and Multipanel, BANDO electromotive conference table, TERIO PLUS acoustic columns. Working' surfaces: super white, crema beech, volcanic black, light blue Dainty and light grey. Surfaces 'Relax and Seminar': Walnut natural and black structure

  • KIT Bridge, walnut natural finish, aluminium profile black structure

  • BANDO, electromotive meeting table for meetings in standing position

  • Seminar room with CREW series folding tables

  • BANDO makes standing meetings possible, walnut nature decor

A shipping company with room for creative coworking

The representative building, planned for a shipping company, is on the top floor the new basis for fresh innovations in Emsland. The location, between the cities of Meppen and Papenburg, has a modern infrastructure. The building is light-flooded and representative. For sure, a place where people like to work. The Fehrmann Group, a real estate specialist well-known in the region, operates the location as a business center. The company BÜRO ALBERS was commissioned to furnish the coworking space. With a keen sense for the needs of the users, fresh, healthy and motivating workplaces have been created here. The planning team did a great job. Within a very short time, the coworking space was realized and is now available for start-ups to rent. This shows that clever business decisions and creative space planning complement each other perfectly in this project.


Specialist dealers: Office Albers, Meppen and Papenburg

Photography: advertising agency Holl, Nadine Scholz, Meppen