All aboard!

Motrag Bus AG in Flaach is the leading public transport company in the canton of Zurich. In this region, 5100 passengers are brought safely and on time to their destination every day.

But Motrag Bus AG offers even more. For example, in addition to the driving services, a new technical competence centre for special bus interior equipment such as information systems, ticket validators and cash register systems has been established in Flaach. The company's own buses and PostBus Switzerland vehicles are serviced, repaired and cleaned in the workshops. All in all, a company for sustainable movement! PALMBERG Schweiz AG was commissioned for the interior design of the new building of this dynamic service provider. With a lot of drive, lively, healthy office workplaces and effective acoustic solutions were developed for the different areas of Motrag.

  • Elektromotorischer Doppel-Arbeitsplatz CREW mit PRISMA 2 Schrank

  • Deckenabsorber Terio Plus über Arbeitsgruppen

  • CUCINA Küche mit KIT Brücke in Superweiß und Alabaster, kreisrunde Deckenabsorber Terio Plus

  • Konferenzraum und Arbeitsplätze der Serien CREW, Prisma 2 und Konferenz

  • Farbenfroher Pausenraum mit Tischen der Serie INTRO TEC und TERIO PLUS Deckenabsorbern

An agile working environment for Motrag AG

In keeping with the company, employees now work on health-promoting electromotive tables from the CREW series. The open room design and the various usage zones such as conference rooms, break areas and the office kitchen create a special, motivating working environment. Furniture from the PRISMA 2, KIT, CUCINA and TERIO PLUS series was also used.

Punctually and safely to the destination, a motto of Motrag, also fits the project planning of PALMBERG Schweiz AG, which had everything under control from planning to execution.

When will you enter inspiring office worlds?

Dealer: PALMBERG Schweiz AG

Fotos: Mario Togni