Small solutions, big effect!

The organising professionals from ORGA·PLUS provide sufficient space for the daily "working chaos" and thus become your perfect partner in the matter of order. Take advantage of the enormous capacity of our little "giants" for your personal storage space. ORGA·PLUS tidies your workplace from A to Z.

Containers on castors

With their intelligent interior, variable heights and depths - plus mobility - they can be perfectly used for organisation, storage and division. 

The “newcomers” present themselves handleless and can be opened either from the left or from the right by lateral recessed grip profiles. Really great are the small ones, which invite for a brief exchange of ideas with their seat cushion. The temporary storage of documents, folders, files, plans and a lot more happens in an organised way. Whether pencil tray, hanging file or drawer, they create a tidy workplace!

Stationary container

Positioned directly at the desk, they provide not only storage space and perfect order, but also more working surface. Once again, you can choose between handles and grip profiles. Due to the wide range of standard versions and colours, the ORGA·PLUS stationary containers are setting additional accents in every office.

Technical container

In combination with pull-out printer trays and storage drawers, different communication technologies such as PCs or printers have to be placed access-favourably in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. With a standing height of 720 mm, the technical container is an ideal expansion of your desk. It is the perfect infrastructure in the workplace.

Modular container

The multi-talent among our containers provides not only variable storage space, but also electrification and visual shielding for undisturbed work.

The “organising giants“ with a height of 1200 mm offer with different equipment components a lot of space for the daily work organisation. They border your workplace, protect from outside glances and are also suitable as a meeting point by the by. 

Looking more closely, the “little one” with a height of 720 mm is a true space genius. Besides the enlargement of the working surface as a supplement of the desk, the small modular containers keep the everyday utensils handy without taking up much space. The perfect storage space for minimalists!


Your personal assistant for mobile workplaces and the use in team and project work. Its intelligent inner organisation provides an ideal environment for your personal work equipment.

Mobile container

Our mobile containers can be used as flexible filing facilities. Make maximum use of the storage space for letters, writing utensils and folders. Personal mail can be inserted through a slot at the side, and private things are lockable in a small compartment.


No place for a second chair? The little helper on wheels serves you as a seat and offers additional storage space on a small area.

Side tables

Our side tables can be perfectly used as a communication zone. Depending on the height version, they can be used for two to six people. 
Choose from two forms:

  • round tabletop with round base
  • square tabletop with square base

with three different heights for each form:

  • fixed height 720 mm
  • fixed height 1044 mm
  • height-adjustable via gas spring 659 - 1094 mm

Speaker‘s desk

Workshops, trainings, seminars or simply just a speech – with our speaker’s desk on wheels, you can deliver fine speeches. The fixed working panel has a slight inclination and a slip-stopper for your documents. Why don’t you order along with it a screen or a tray, e.g. for beverages. The speaker’s desk is available in fixed height or height-adjustable by gas spring.

Counter top shelf

The use of the attachment on a desk creates a combination of spacious working area and reception. It expands the workplace by a visually screened space directly on the tabletop or on a neighbouring cabinet. Covered with fabric, the rear panel can be used as a pin board.

Accessories for containers on castors and stationary containers

Take advantage of our little giants’ huge capacity for your personal requirements and equip your drawers with the sets and inserts from ORGA·PLUS. Because organised filing makes sure that everything is at hand immediately.

Accessories for containers on castors and stationary containers BRIC

The new form of order in the age of digitalisation! BRIC is flexible and fits into all common drawers. A base for small material and various steel inserts for the division of the drawers offer a very individual equipment.

The particular features of BRIC are lots of special holders for bottles, mugs and other personal utensils. Drawers can be electrified and so become storage space with charging funtion. High drawers are given a completely new function by large boxes which can be used for the storage of briefcases or shoes. Aluminum quivers for holding upright small parts such as pens, scissors and rulers are inserted into the plastic base and thus expand the functionality of the system.

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  • Sitzhocker als Stauraum am Schreibtisch

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  • ProEXR File Description

cameraAperture (float): 36.000004
cameraFNumber (float): 8.039191
cameraFarClip (float): 1000000015047466200000000000000.000000
cameraFarRange (float): 1000000.000000
cameraFocalLength (float): 40.195961

  • ORGA PLUS -  Caddy for mobile workplaces

    ORGA·PLUS – Caddy for mobile workplaces

  • ORGA PLUS -  Mobile container for more flexibility in the office

    ORGA·PLUS – Mobile container for more flexibility in the office

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