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With flexible production to cutting-edge products!

As a customer you are entitled to expect furniture that meets the high, contemporary standards of the office segment. PALMBERG therefore produces in one of the most modern office furniture plants in Europe. PALMBERG’s know-how is able to fulfill almost every customer wish. A flexible and state-of-the-art production allows a custom-made cutting for any spatial situation.

Since the foundation of the company, it has been a principle for us that quality products are only achievable by a qualified staff and newest machinery. And it makes no difference whether series products or custom-made products are manufactured. By the implementation of highly automated machinery (Flex 2) in combination with innovative laser edging, PALMBERG produces first rate quality office furniture fast and flexibly.

The PALMBERG Production in Figures…

  • 25.000 m² covered production area
  • Daily production of approx. 700 tables, 800 cabinets and 300 containers as well as 3 reception counters
  • Flex-production 1: To-order cutting of 2.000 components per day (batch size 1)
  • Flex-production 2: Machining of almost 8.000 components per day (3,300 boards a week)
  • Storage capacity for up to 300,000 frame parts
  • Daily 23 own company trucks leave for our distribution areas in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland from our factory site in Schönberg
  • Daily more than 570 employees work in two shifts at the Schönberg plant

PALMBERG produces from chipboard to the finished piece of furniture fast and flexibly. Advantages of the innovative production method are relief of existing production processes associated with the efficient use of already existing machines and shorter set-up times and operational cycles. Additionally, an integrated storage optimization module (IntelliStore) realizes a PALMBERG-specific stock control. Besides the variable flex production, the used laser technology guarantees a joint-less edging at the highest level. A premium product with visual zero-joint is being created which meets the highest standards in the matter of quality and design.

The continuously recurring optimization of our production allows us to put small and large office landscapes in the limelight - providing joy in the office.