Cabinets SELECT

Variety with style

Individual office furniture gives your office more excitement and a personal touch. Our exclusive storage system SELECT is not only convincing due to its handleless design, but also due to its variability, well thought-out functions and high-quality materials in best workmanship. Exactly to your taste!

  • Büroschrank SELECT Container zum Aufdocken (Schreibtisch PENSUM), Hängeregale, Garderobe

  • Büroschrank SELECT Container zum Aufdocken (Schreibtisch PENSUM)

Handleless design

In the turbulent world of work, people are increasingly longing for calm, order and clear lines. Our SELECT storage space system stands for minimalist design that is timeless and elegant in its effect. With its smooth, handleless appearance, SELECT radiates a pleasant calm. High-quality glass fronts in combination with warm wood tones and harmonious colour accents also underline the exclusivity of the furniture and have a positive effect on the working atmosphere.

For the perfect reception

Whether sideboard, container, hanging shelf or hinged door cabinet, whether with drawers or sliding glass doors - SELECT offers many possibilities. Depending on the available space and intended use, the cabinet elements can be placed individually or combined with each other. In the reception area, we recommend a space-saving combination of lockable hinged door cupboards and a drawer cupboard to store work materials and, for example, hanging file folders.

This is how furniture can help with tidying up!

  • The hinged door cupboards allow folders to be stowed away quickly - and in their function as room dividers they separate work areas from each other.

  • Shelving unit open or with sliding door in various widths

  • Cloakroom lockers for the office ensure order in the entrance area.

  • Important utensils and documents within easy reach with the roll container.
Büroschrank SELECT Container zum Aufdocken (Schreibtisch PENSUM)

Lots of space in a small office

Looking at the current working conditions in multi-person offices, lack of space is still the most common problem when setting up workplaces. Too little storage space leads to disorder in the office. Desks that are too small offer little room for creativity - and a lack of legroom leads in the long term to posture and health problems. Get more room in a small space with our PENSUM desk on top of a SELECT container.

SELECT brings colour into the office

Modular cupboard for docking with fronts in fresh decor Blueberry.

Managementbüro Schreibtisch CREW elektrisch in Superweiß, Gestell Weiß Struktur

Smart and innovative office furniture

The combination of SELECT modular cabinet attached to the desk makes your office something unique. The seemingly floating table top appears light and modern and „blends“ perfectly with SELECT. Our modular cabinets are available in many different sizes and designs. They also offer many well thought-out functions. For example, the technology sideboards ensure that the entire technology, including all cables, can be run invisibly from the floor outlet box through the sideboard via a cable duct to the table. The modular cupboard can also accommodate computers and printers and also offers plenty of space for office utensils, printing paper and file folders.

Managementbüro Schreibtisch PALMA aufgedockt auf Sideboard SELECT

Tall cupboards - Vertical thinking

There is a cupboard for each office. And when it comes to classic executive offices, conventional filing shelves or tall office cabinets with plenty of space for documents are also welcome. Covered with high-quality veneer fronts and noble glass surfaces, this turns a disdainful storage space into a representative eye-catcher.

Wall mounted shelves - SELECT creates space and silence

Whether wide or narrow, open or closed, in colourful decors or with high-quality sliding glass doors - with a depth of 361 mm, this suspended shelf is both, space-saving and stylish. Thanks to pre-mounted wall brackets, it can be attached to the wall at any desired height in seconds. Decoration or plants find their place here and utensils as well as conference equipment can be neatly stored behind the sliding door. This brings visual peace to the room.

Using the office as a creative think tank

Give your office a new look that is fresh and innovative. Creative environments are not only conducive to team spirit, but also to finding unconventional solutions. Not far from the workplace, employees gather on comfortable stools and share their ideas.

* Source: Survey by Augsburg University of Applied Sciences; borisgloger consulting, 2018