The young new order in the office

The BRIC system is highly flexible and provides the classic arrangement for DIN formats and office utensils. BRIC consists of three main components. It includes a plastic tray (BRIC), various steel organisers and matching felt mats for laying the drawer bottom. The plastic tray with useful indentations for small items forms the basis for all drawer arrangements. Division within the drawer is created by the use of different, powder-coated steel plates.

The organisers are shaped according to the intended use. There are straight and angled sheets for the creation of differently sized compartments. Another special feature of BRIC is the great number of special holders, e.g. for drinking bottles, mugs and other personal things. BRIC also allows for electrification and so augments the basic functionality. The storage space now also becomes a charging station at the workplace.

"Clean Desk" by BRIC

The wide variety of the BRIC range is rounded off by removable sets functioning like a tray. These trays, equipped with the daily necessities, are taken out of the personal container in the morning and available for work immediately. In the evening, one grip is enough to make use of ‘Clean Desk’ at the workplace. You open the drawer, put the BRIC tray inside, lock – and the new tidiness in the workplace is restored.

Brochure BRIC
Brochure BRIC Accessories

  • Schubladen Ordnungssystem BRIC, Tray für den Schreibtisch mit 5 Fächern

  • Schubladen Ordnungssystem BRIC für Container mit Tiefe 800 mm mit Flaschenhalter und Box für Taschen und Schuhe

  • Schubladen Ordnungssystem BRIC für Unterbauschublade mit 3 Fächern und Zettelbox

  • Schubladen Ordnungssystem BRIC Einzelteile und Farbbeispiele