Offices are profit centres

Our vision is the design of professional office environments. For us, offices are not just rooms where people work together, but where companies are run and organisations are managed. For us, offices are places where the future is shaped. Innovations are a decisive factor for long-term success. Modern office furniture helps people to communicate optimally with each other. This promotes not only internal and external work processes, but also the entire flow of people's ideas. Modern offices are the basis for inspiration.

ORGATEC Novelties

Konferenztisch Palmberg elektromotorisch
New Conference Variants
Our new conference variants design flexible meeting solutions ranging from single tables to rows of tables for classic seminars, large conferences and flexible Workbench for modern office worlds. The three frame variants triangular, round and square tube sharpen the eye for the essential with their design language.
P4 Regelsystem Palmberg als Homeoffice-Lösung mit Schreibtisch
Shelving system P4
Refreshingly reduced and with straightforward functionality, the P4 shelving system meets all the requirements of modern and functional spatial planning. Whether as individually easily expandable storage space at the workplace, as a cosy room divider or as a hanging shelf and sideboard in reception, catering and break areas, P4 offers unlimited possibilities for more homeliness in everyday working life.
Spatial planning
Room for new times
The workplace of tomorrow is in perfect harmony with individualisation and a feel-good ambience. With our new products, we create places where you not only enjoy working, but also enjoy spending time,...
Softseating Sitzmöbel Palmberg Sitzhocker Stoff Polster
Thinking out-of-the-box
Not all creative ideas come from a desk. Meetings or relaxed breaks in a cosy ambience help to think out-of-the-box. The completely upholstered stools in our Softseating collection offer seating comfort and give every environment a homely character. In addition, they create an alternative place to work, think and relax.
Seating comfort

TERIO PLUS - Our basis for your optimal room acoustics

A perfect working environment should be free of disruptive factors, because concentration and communication are essential components of successful office work. To make both possible side by side, we have developed the TERIO PLUS series for you. TERIO PLUS is a high-quality partition wall system for the visual and acoustic screening of work surfaces. However, movable walls in high rooms are often not sufficient to optimise acoustics. For this reason, TERIO PLUS contains everything you need for optimum room acoustics, from simple table top units and partition walls to wall absorbers and ceiling sails.


Akustik Trennwand Büro - Deckenabsorber, Deckensegel hängend, rund

Everything about the modern office

PALMBERG stands for modern office furniture with unique design, first-class quality and diverse functions. In addition, we focus on sustainability in our products. We achieve this through demanding quality standards and environmentally conscious production. Our products are ISO-certified and are produced in accordance with the high requirements of quality management, environmental management and energy management. In addition, we guarantee 100% jointless edge processing, which we achieve using state-of-the-art laser technology.

Contemporary office furniture has become an indispensable part of everyday office life. They create the optimal conditions for efficient office activities. Thus workflows take place smoothly. Our product range includes trendy office furniture such as desks and office cabinets. Our range of services also includes conference solutions at the workplace and individual custom-made products.


Sustainability is important to us

Sustainable production and sustainable products

Sustainable production and sustainable products are an important part of our corporate philosophy. We want to offer our customers products with sustainable office furniture.


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