Reinventing space again and again

The new, modular and electrifiable partition wall system CLAMP creates new spaces in places where they are needed. Whether meeting zones, lounge and break areas or as a partition between work areas. With CLAMP, open-plan offices can be clearly and yet openly zoned into many different areas in the future, regardless of the structural conditions. In addition, CLAMP also offers high acoustic effectiveness for concentrated work.

CLAMP creates a varied, homely room feeling with an individual profile - whether a classic workspace, meeting zone or relaxation room. The CLAMP elements are available in different heights and widths and initially in one type of fabric in 20 different colours.

CLAMP is available in:
• Widths: 800/1000/1200 mm
• Heights: 1600 – 2200 mm
• Depth: 130 mm  
• Fabric variants: Blazer Lite, Twist Melange
• Available: End Q2 2021


Narrow hallways and closed doors are not particularly inviting. Open spaces are transparent and lively. CLAMP offers segments in different heights for this purpose. They allow the demarcation of different areas without creating constricting architecture. Half-height elements visually separate departments from each other without disconnecting them. Higher CLAMP variants create areas for retreat. 

Effective office work today is closely timed. Instead of a large conference room, decisions are made in a quick exchange. Short distances and perfect organisation make communication easier. In addition, the higher CLAMP variants create room-like structures. CLAMP is available in grids of 1600, 1800, 2000 and 2200 mm height.

The kitchen is always a place of encounter. With CLAMP, you bring this area into the middle of your working world. All device connections are hidden in the 13.5 cm thick walls. With our hangable and writable acrylic CLAMP boards you will never lose track of your errands, birthdays or kitchen duty. Don‘t forget milk, coffee and biscuits!

Whether shelf storage, flower arrangements or large screens. CLAMP can withstand a lot. Depending on the width of the element, you can load CLAMP with more or less heavy objects. Start the lively exchange now and set up your meeting room according to your wishes and demands.

Lounge areas create a homely and communicative character in the office. A conversation with colleagues, a place to welcome visitors in a nice atmosphere or simply a quiet retreat. With our new partition elements made of glass and slats, CLAMP deliberately excludes the surroundings without isolating and also lets in plenty of light and lightness.

A perforated wall forms the grid for the CLAMP system Stick & Load. With solid wood round bars and shelves, CLAMP becomes a simple, decorative shelf. Large areas are visually broken up and offer space for utensils that make our working world more efficient and congenial.

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