Intelligent – dynamic – versatile!

Take the luxurious advantage of a quick change between sitting and standing activity with CREW. CREW is the dynamic four-fold-solution for your office. Paired with laser-edged wooden materials and useful, optional extensions in terms of networking, cable management and ergonomics, CREW is becoming the complete solution for your office team.

Height adjustment Desk CREW

  • fixed height: 720 mm
  • height-adjustable with Easy Push: 650 - 850 mm
  • height-adjustable with crank: 650 - 850 mm
  • electric solution: 650 - 1250 mm
  • adjustable with gas pressure spring: 680 - 1180 mm

Sit – Stand – Move!

Sitting and standing in the office for long periods are now things of the past. The concept for the currentless and dynamic workplace is based on a telescope with a CREW Skid. By the smooth release of the gas-pressurised spring, the requested working height (680 - 1180 mm) is quickly reached. The CREW Gas Spring Desk thus allows every employee an ergonomic workplace configuration according to individual requirements.

CREW bench
In the course of a constantly evolving office world where the size and composition of teams are permanently changing, the optimal use of space is of utmost concern. The CREW bench solutions support such teams without neglecting your wellbeing. The Crew bench can be individually adapted to the requirements and tasks of the employees. In combination with the partition wall system TERIO PLUS, individual boundaries can be integrated into daily work without losing sight of the colleagues.