Office furnishing

This is how I’d like to work.

Ergonomically adjusted and health enhancing space and workplace solutions create a motivating working environment. Different working areas put high requirements in terms of structuring and organization. Besides various functional criteria also aspects like light, colour, shapes and materials are more and more forming the focus of productive workplace solutions. 

Attractive rooms for meetings and conferences are places where ideas are born and approaches and decisions found. A living culture of conversation is an outstanding quality of successful companies. From the classic conference up to the training we offer you a both individual and stylish ambience for result-oriented discussions.    

Storage space
Our cabinet systems, from reception up to executive office, are available for different purposes and additionally serve as space structuring elements. With our product series we offer you cabinet systems which facilitate your daily organization and provide maximum flexible and individual storage space.

Movement is the essential thing for a healthy back. When healthy sitting is involved, one talks about dynamic ergonomics and points out that an ergonomic chair has to provide the opportunity of dynamic sitting. State-of-the-art ergonomics pays in the long run because sitting is only healthy if the chair is exactly adjusted to the individual body proportions and personal needs. For a lot of requirements we keep a variety of models ready for you.

Social facilities
Not only the direct working environment but also the space for a break or a chat in between is important for the wellbeing of the staff. We offer you solutions, both practical and elegant for different areas like changing rooms or canteen and bistro areas. 

Lounge and reception
The furniture in a company’s reception area plays a prominent role. It is often the first thing catching your eye and the first thing being touched. For a hearty welcome it is therefore all the more important to invest in good design already at reception.

Room acoustics
Bad room acoustics essentially affects your efficiency of labour. The topic of sound absorption and insulation has therefore become an indispensable part of office planning. There are various options to equip the offices acoustically in an ideal way so that the sound level can be kept as low as possible. Take advantage of our know-how concerning optimal acoustics at your workplace. 

Many companies still underestimate the importance of an effective lighting of workplaces and buildings. The proper light supports work in offices and conference rooms, facilitates concentration and improves concentration of your staff. It goes without saying that good lighting is of fundamental importance for an effective working environment. In conclusion, whenever establishing a workplace, the suitable office lighting is as important as the furniture.

We cooperate with renowned manufacturers like:
PALMBERG, viasit, Klöber, Softline, Object Carpet, LTS Licht & Leuchten, PAN Raumsysteme, and many more.