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Care and support for the elderly form the core of BrabantZorg’s work. For this purpose, BrabantZorg has a staff of more than 5,500 highly-motivated employees who look after care, accommodation and well-being of elderly people at locations in the regions Oss, Uden, Veghel, 's-Hertogenbosch und Bommelerwaard in the Netherlands. In future, BrabantZorg will coordinate all tasks in cooperation with BrabantWonen at the new headquarters in Oss.

PALMBERG wants to make the lives of its clients more comfortable and easier, just like BrabantZorg. Therefore, the equipment of the new office building in Oss was expected to meet both the corporate philosophy and the high functional requirements of modern office work. The architecture firm M+R interior architecture, Hans Maréchal & Bart Diederen, developed a tailor-made overall concept that was filled with life by PALMBERG and its specialist dealer Anca Office Supplies from Den Bosch.

Referenz BrabantZorg Niederlande

The new administration office provides a lot of space for the corporate commitment and the dedicated staff in the day-to-day work. The open office spaces and the central role of the employees in the office concept allow for individual as well as collaborative working. PALMBERG comprehensively equipped the new office building with desks from the CREW series, different storage space elements, right through to meeting and break zones. The rooms, with plenty of daylight and the natural colours used, additionally provide a pleasant working atmosphere all year long.

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