De Lage Landen (France)

 PALMBERG designs cross-border office concept!

The Thereca Company based in Hasselt, Netherlands, has implemented the equipment of the French subsidiary of De Lage Landen in cooperation with PALMBERG.

Headquartered in Eindhofen, the internationally active enterprise De Lage Landen has made a name for itself as a reputable and competent partner in the field of asset-based financial solutions also in France. The company selected for its site an extraordinary place. The unique office building Le Mermoz is situated near Paris and was designed by the architects Eric Joël Friant and Jacques & Haour. Distinctive facades combine historical elements with modern design and the natural surroundings of the building. Key materials such as glass, polished concrete and stone do not only form a bright aesthetic quality but are particularly used for excellent insulation and soundproofing. This concept creates a pleasant building climate, working quality and low energy costs.  

The renowned company placed highest demands on the new offices in terms of workplace design. But optimal project coordination was as important as high functionality and user-friendliness. Besides the furnishing planning, PALMBERG´s Dutch retail partner Thereca supervised the complete logistic implementation process of the DLL working worlds in Le Mermoz. The furnishing concept was focused on creating a modern and functional office landscape that resolves the different work situations in an attractive and contemporary ambience. 

The cooperation of the three companies Thereca, PALMBERG und De Lage Landen at the location in France symbolizes the fact that strong partners are also able to develop cross-border solutions at the highest level.   



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