BKK Deutsche Bank AG, Düsseldorf

Modernity, Transparency, Communication

Who recognises the value of his health, needs a partner who is absolutely supporting his concern. The company health insurance (BKK) of Deutsche Bank is such a partner and sees itself as a service company, aware of its responsibility towards its clients as a reliable health partner. A lot of insured persons therefore describe the company as particularly customer and quality-oriented. As an element of one of the most efficient health care systems, the BKK of Deutsche Bank provides overall protection and safety in times of illness, starting with services for medical prevention and early-detection measures, to complete medical care in the event of illness, up to generating individual rehabilitation programmes.

It is part of the corporate identity to look constantly for new ways and solutions in order to be a partner of the customer, providing advice and support in all matters of health and health education. This approach also applies to the PALMBERG Company and the object designer OFFERMANNS & PARTNER. Together with customers and partners, both continue to design new, innovative office space solutions with different places for communication, cooperation and focused working.

Individual places of work

The move from the historic bank on the Düsseldorf Königsallee to the Kö-Galery opposite allowed BKK to equip and design the own office structures in a contemporary and future-proof way. In the matter of design and technical equipment, the management placed highest demands on the arrangement of workplaces. The planned office concept for BKK shows the complex working requirements of the individual corporate divisions and in parallel provides for open communication between employees and insured persons. The persons responsible at BKK found professional support with the object designer "OFFERMANNS & PARTNER Objekteinrichtung" from Krefeld. OFFERMANNS & PARTNER developed and implemented the manifold office space concept in collaboration with PALMBERG – always geared to the concrete workflows and the different departments of the company. In this way, group and department offices, transparent communication zones and areas for informal exchange were created in the new BKK rooms. Of utmost importance for this new transparent office landscape was the suitable furniture in terms of a respectful treatment of personal ways of working and the health of the BKK staff. Fully ergonomic workplaces with electromotive height-adjustable tables and screen holders allow the employees, for the benefit of their health, to change from sitting to standing activity at all times.

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - Entrance

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - Meeting with CREW and PRISMA 2

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - plan office with PRISMA 2

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - Meeting point KIT

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - Conference room with PALMA

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - plan office with PRISMA 2, ORGA·PLUS and CREW

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - plan office with PRISMA 2, ORGA·PLUS and CREW

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - kitchen

  • BKK Deutsche Bank - plan office with PRISMA 2, ORGA·PLUS and CREW

Additionally, in respect to area and equipment, the workplaces reflect recognition value due to the same detail features. All employees of BKK work at tables of the same size with screen holders, acoustic partitions and personal storage space in the form of a mobile caddy. And the used colour concept provides for visual appeal. Due to the unusual floor plan of the building, the decision was made in favour of implementing various furnishings in a contrasting way, dependent on the department - for better orientation and identification of the different divisions. For example, acoustic partitions, plant containers and office chairs got their respective colour, creating a homelike impression midst a deliberately plain environment. In the interplay with the colours, also the change of the coloured flooring between working areas and 'traffic routes' contributes to the comfortable atmosphere and the orientation of the people.

For the BKK staff and the customers the created workspace provides contemporary and modern working environments in six corporate divisions – directly reflected by the quality of advisory services and the motivation of the employees.